How I do a Proper Burn Test at Wexford Candle Co!

How I do a Proper Burn Test at Wexford Candle Co!

One of the most important things of candle making, besides the scent, is making sure that the candles you're buying are burning cleanly and efficiently.

First, I have to choose a wax that I like the best. I use soy wax (I'll explain why in another blog post). I then have to choose a wick type and size that I think will be appropriate. Wicks come in all different sizes and they recommend the wick size based on the size of the container and the type of wax. I then buy the size that's recommended and wick one size up and one size down for a total of 3 wicks to burn test. 

To conduct a proper burn test, I make sure to keep all of the variables the same. I burn my candles for 4 hours at a time per day. I take notes after every burn and I ask the following questions:

Did the candle melt all of the way to the edge?
Was the flame waving by the end of the burn test?
Is the wax melt pool 1/2 an inch deep?
Did the wick mushroom excessively by the end of the burn?

I burn the candle all of the way to the bottom and then pick the one that I like the best. 

I love providing all of you with the best candle possible, they will never be perfect but I do my absolute best to provide you with quality with every single soy candle.
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