Milk + Cereal Soy Candle

Milk + Cereal is finally here!

I, Lexy, am super picky about the fragrance oils that I use in my soy candles because I do burn them myself. I had been searching high and low, testing different scents and wasn't falling in love with any of them.

I ordered a few more samples and this fragrance oil with in the bunch. As soon as I smelled it, I knew I was hooked and this was going to be one of my new favorites. 

Fragrance oils have base notes, middle notes and top notes. Base notes add depth to the fragrance oil and give an anchor to the scent. Middle notes are scents that come after the top notes have faded away. Some say the middle notes are the heart of the scent. Top notes are the first impression scents, the thing you smell first when breathing in a blend. 

This scent has top notes of orange, lemon and lime. Middle notes of milk, cherry and berry and has base notes of cereal and vanilla bean.

You'll love it! I promise. I can't wait to start sending out samples of it with your orders.

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