Hi! Nice to meet you!

Hi! Nice to meet you!

Well here we go... My first blog post!

I have now had my candle business, Wexford Candle Co. for about seven months! 

I have to say how amazing it is to be living my dream. My dad has always said that I would own my own small business one day but I could never figure out what it was that I wanted to do. I tried crocheting and knitting, couldn't get the hang of it. I tried to draw and I was terrible at it but I always had a yearning to create something that I could be proud of!

After spending a few months on Pinterest, I came across making candles! I dragged my best friend Tina to Michael's and we bought a candle making kit that came with a thermometer, dye and some paraffin wax. I know, paraffin! Horrible! ( I will explain why in a future blog post!) Anyways, we made our purchases and set off to her kitchen. I very, very quickly fell in love with making candles. I quickly then started crunching numbers and doing research about fragrance oils, the best kinds of wax, the best temperatures etc.

After enjoying selling candles over the holiday season, I officially found my passion for my business and registered with the government for an official name, Wexford Candle Co. Now after several months of being in business, we have gone through three seasons of scents, many mason jars and 100 pounds of soy wax!



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