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Why is it so important to trim your wick before lighting your soy candles?

After being in business for almost 5 years, I like to think I know a thing or two about burning soy candles. Today I'm going to explain why trimming your wick before you burn your candle every single time is so important.

When you light your candle, the flame melts the wax around it and absorbs the wax and pulls it upward. Think of the soy wax like fuel for the candle. 

If you trim your wick every time to a 1/4 inch then the wick and the wax are in sync with each other and will burn beautifully. If you leave the wick to even 1/2 an inch then the wick will need more fuel to keep the soy candle burning which will result in your candle not lasting as long. There will also be more wax vapor into the air which is why sometimes you can see the black soot around the edge of your jar. 

I really hope this helped! Have any questions for me for future blog posts? Leave it in the comments.

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